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Whether preparing for a tropical vacation or maintaining that tanned look for the season, Barney's Brother offers tanning options to suit virtually any need.  

Our Matrix L33 high-pressure tanning bed is state-of-the-art.  Not only do its high-pressure bulbs filter out most of the UVB rays (the ones likely to cause burning), but they also surround the user, and rotate during the tanning process.  It therefore allows you to relax in one comfortable lying position, and still enjoy the same 360-degree results that only a stand-up booth could provide in the past.  High-pressure tanning also cuts your tanning time in half, and provides a longer-lasting tan because it allows the skin to retain its natural 28-day exfoliation cycle (tanning beds using UVB rays may reduce this cycle to as little as 8 days).

We offer the Norvell tanning system for those who prefer UV-free spray tanning.  Spray tanning utilizes DHA which, when applied to the skin, darkens to a bronzed look within 4 to 6 hours, without any UV rays whatsoever.  The Norvell spray tanning system is completely customized to the user, and applied by trained experts.  It allows tanning of specific areas, and layering of color until the exact depth of color you choose is achieved.

The complete menu of our tanning and other services is available here.  Please feel free to contact us by phone at 414-276-6555 or email info@barneysbrother.com with any questions, or to request an appointment.